Windmill Natural Vitamins Amazing Celery, 10.3 oz.


Gives You the Power of Celery Juicing Without The Mess

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Windmill ‘s Amazing Celery provides all the goodness this health-building vegetable has to offer without the mess of juicing. Each serving helps flush unwanted toxins, support immune function, improve skin health and hydration, and help promote natural resistance to inflammation. First documented as a wild healing plant in ancient Greece, celery (Apium graveolens) has long been treasured for its healing effects. Because of its rich antioxidant content, celery is commonly used to boost the immune system, support healthy weight management, help flush toxins from the body, strengthen the digestive tract and generally alkalize the system. With its large water content and insoluble fiber, Amazing Celery can also aid your digestive system. This delicious and convenient drink mix contains organic celery that’s gluten free, 100% vegan, and non-GMO with no added sugar. It can be added to your favorite smoothie or mixed with water for a refreshing drink. Amazing Celery helps promote natural cleansing and detoxification without harsh chemicals. Celery is unique in that it supports cellular hydration, so your body stays hydrated without you feeling bloated or heavy. Non-starch polysaccharides in celery help fight inflammation, while antioxidants reduce damaging free radicals. The raw celery used in Amazing Celery is cold pressed to preserve its nutritional value, including enzymes and phytonutrients. It is also organic to ensure its purity and vitality. No fuss, no muss – enjoy the many healthy benefits of raw celery juice each day without groceries or a juicer. Amazing Celery drink mix makes celery juicing easy and convenient!

Product Features:

  • Gives You the Power of Celery Juicing Without The Mess
  • Convenient Easy-To-Make Celery Juice Drink Mix
  • Naturally Cleanses and Detoxifies With No Harsh Ingredients
  • Hydrating Formula Promotes Healthy Fluid Balance
  • Loaded With Polysaccharides and Antioxidants To Help Fight Inflammation
  • Enzyme Activated, Cold Pressed and Organic
  • 100% Pure and 100% Vegetarian
  • Supports Digestive Health and Elimination
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