Vaseline Original Healing Jelly 1.75 oz


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Active Ingredients: White Petrolatum USP (100%). Purpose: Skin Protectant.

Product features

Vaseline Healing Jelly is the original skin protectant. Made with 100% petroleum jelly (or petrolatum), Healing Jelly is a balm that has been used to protect, help heal, and lock in moisture for dry skin since 1870. Our Healing Jelly Original is triple-purified, meaning that Vaseline petroleum jelly has been purified not once but three times to remove impurities. Dermatologist-recommended, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic, Healing Jelly is the ideal product for a multitude of uses, including sensitive skin.Healing Jelly has also been given the U.S. National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance as appropriate for use by those with eczema and sensitive skin. It is also non-comedogenic and won?t clog your pores.Vaseline Healing Jelly has many uses, including personal care, baby care, and beauty. By sealing in moisture, it assists skin?s natural recovery process, helping dry skin heal. This can rejuvenate visibly dry skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Healing Jelly also creates a protective barrier that protects skin from environmental factors, such as windburn, and it has been used for over 100 years to protect skin from minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.Many of Vaseline?s dry skin lotions contain petrolatum to give your skin the extra care it needs. Explore other Vaseline products and enjoy the healing power of Vaseline.

Vaseline Original Healing Jelly 1.75 oz

  • Vaseline Healing Jelly Original is clinically proven to help heal damaged, dry skin.
  • Healing Jelly works as a skin moisturizer and provides relief to dry skin and protects minor cuts.
  • Made with 100% pure petroleum jelly, our triple-purified formula guarantees the purity of Healing Jelly.
  • Vaseline guarantees eczema relief and was awarded the U.S. National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance as suitable for the sensitive skin and dryness associated with eczema.
  • Vaseline is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for pure petroleum jelly.
  • Healing Jelly can be used as a body moisturizer for dry skin, stressed skin, and sensitive skin.

Special Features

Heals dryness


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