SmartMouth Dry Mouth Clean Mint Activated Mouthwash 16 fl. oz. Bottle


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Solution 1: Purified Water, Sodium Benzoate, Carboxymethylcellulose, Sodium Chlorite, Benzoic Acid.Solution 2: Purified Water, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Poloxamer 407, Poloxamer 124, Zinc Chloride, Flavor, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Chloride.

Product features

SmartMouth Dry Mouth Activated Oral Rinse provides relief from the symptoms and discomfort of dry mouth. Why 2 Solutions? The power of SmartMouth Clean Mint Activated Mouthwash is the activation. Pour the two solutions together to activate the Smart-Zinc, which eliminates and prevents bad breath for at least 12 hours with each rinse. SmartMouth Dry Mouth refreshes, moisturizes, rehydrates, cleans, and soothes oral irritation while lubricating oral dryness. With regular, twice-daily rinsing, you should experience maximum effectiveness within 12 weeks.

SmartMouth Dry Mouth Clean Mint Activated Mouthwash
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Gluten-free
  • Alcohol-free, no burn
  • Canker sore relief
  • Dentist recommended
  • Effective for both common and persistent bad breath
  • Excellent for coffee breath and tobacco breath

Special Features

Patented SmartMouth dual chamber bottle

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