Harry’s Rich Lather Foaming Shave Gel with Aloe 2pk-13.4oz


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Product features

Harrys foaming Shave Gel is the first step toward a more comfortable, close shave. Our Shave Gel lathers into a rich, pillowy foam that helps your razor glide effortlessly over your skin. The comforting lather protects your face and helps to keep you in control of your shave. Unlike many other shaving foams, which are often pumped full of air, our rich, cushioning formula has natural ingredients, including aloe and cucumber, that hydrate and refresh your skin. Plus, its made without parabens or sulfates, and its never tested on animals. Say goodbye to dry.
  • The rich lather protects your face and keeps you in control of your shave

  • An aloe-enriched formula and gentle, honest ingredients soothe and refresh your skin

  • Pack includes two full-size bottles, for lots (and lots) of close, comfortable shaves

  • Paraben-free, sulfate-free, and never tested on animals

  • Gently restores your face post-shave, too, when you need it the most

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