Hanhoo Blemish Acne Spot Patch


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Treat blemished skin with the Hanhoo Acne Spot Patch. It comes in a box of 36 transparent patches, and they have easy-to-peel packaging, which makes them discreet while being sanitary. The Hanhoo acne patch absorbs pus and other impurities, and at the same time, it forms a protective seal that heals the acne fast without drying up the skin around it. It can be used during the day or as you sleep, and it should be kept on for around 6-8 hours for the best results. As it works, it also relieves skin inflammation and redness. It’s a non-medicated treatment, so there are no prescriptions or doctor visits required. Use this hydrocolloid acne patch when a pimple breaks out for a gentle skin cleaning experience.

Hanhoo Acne Spot Patch:

  • 36 transparent hydrocolloid patches
  • Targets impurities without drying out the surrounding area
  • Individual adhesive patches absorb excess pus and oil minimizing the appearance of blemishes while acting as a protective cover
  • Easy-peel package design allows for sanitary application
  • Safe for daily use
  • Daytime and nighttime Hanhoo acne patch
  • 6-8 hours recommended
  • For oily skin areas
  • Non-medicated
  • Provides gentle relief of redness and inflammation


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