Gillette Atra Plus Mens Razor Blade Refill Cartridges, 10 ct


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In 1977, Gillette introduced the Atra razor system, the first twin-blade shaving cartridge with a pivoting head, which allows the blades to better follow the contours of the face for a closer shave. The Atra PLUS was launched in 1985 which was the first razor to add a lubricating strip. Still popular today, get the close shave you’ve always wanted with these Gillette Atra Plus razor blade refills. These blade refills feature a lubrastrip for smoothness and comfort, and two pivoting twin blades that keep both blades on your beard for closeness. The easy loading system makes changing razor blades fast, and cleaning it is even easier, making this perfect for use on your face and neck. For an even better shave, use with your favorite Gillette shave gel, cream or foam. Each pack of Gillette Atra Plus refills comes with 10 blade refills. These refills fit any Gillette Atra razor handle.

Gillette Atra Plus Mens Razor Blade Refill Cartridges, 10 ct:

  • LUBRASTRIP for smoothness and comfort
  • PIVOTING TWIN BLADES keep both blades on your beard for closeness
  • EASY LOADING SYSTEM makes changing blades fast and easy
  • FRESH BLADE for a better shave
  • For an excellent shave, use Gillette shaving products

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