Equate Beauty Premium Cotton Rounds Dispenser, 80 Count


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Product features

This Cotton Round Dispenser brings some new flair to your beauty care! Made to conveniently dispense your cotton rounds while keeping them safe and stylish. With two different options to access your products, keep it on your sink counter, vanity cabinet or anywhere else.

Cotton rounds are made from 100% pure cotton. Natural cotton is soft and absorbent, catering to all your skin care needs.

Beauty Care: Perfect for all of your cosmetic needs; the application of cleansers and astringents, and the removal of makeup and nail polish.

The Equate Beauty Premium Cotton Round Dispenser is an all-in-one solution! The dispenser-style packaging is designed to conveniently store your cotton rounds while keeping them safe and stylish. For easy access, store the dispenser anywhere you keep your cosmetics or medical supplies. The package can be positioned upright on a counter or vanity, or it can be laid horizontally in a drawer or medicine cabinet. These pure, soft 100% cotton rounds are an essential tool in any skincare regimen, from removing makeup or nail polish to applying cleansers and astringents. With a thin, rounded shape, these absorbent cotton pads evenly distribute creams, toners, and other products, ensuring that not a drop goes to waste. Beyond cosmetics, store these cotton rounds with your medical supplies for easy and efficient application of first aid products. With its convenient design, 80-count quantity, and a multitude of uses, the Equate Beauty Premium Cotton Round Dispenser is sure to become a staple in your home for your daily beauty and first aid needs.

  • Perfect for beauty and first aid
  • Convenient dispenser-style packaging
  • Soft, 100% pure cotton rounds
  • Premium quality
  • Contains 80 cotton rounds

Special Features

Convenient dispenser-style packaging


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